FSC Certification

Even Tecnoproject S.r.l. it is FSC certified, in compliance with strict environmental, social and economic standards.

Qualified in the COC (chain of custody), it is guaranteed with this certification the compliance with the standards FSC-40-004 ver.3.0 as a company of transformation and trade of forest products.

The FSC trademark is an international certification specific for the forest branch and for wood and non-wood products derived from forests. In particular, the Chain of Custody certification (Chain of Custody, CoC) guarantees the traceability of materials from FSC certified forests and it is indispensable for applying FSC labels to products.

Thanks to this authentication, Tecnoproject S.r.l. can guarantee the market about the origin of the wood used for the products and demonstrate in a correct, transparent and controlled way its active contribution to responsible forest management.

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